The Implant training opportunities in the UK offer limited “hands-on” experience, in contrast to all other hospital based surgical specialty training.

This type of training is the backbone of all surgical training in hospitals at a global scale. Trainee surgeons work under the wings of more experienced surgeons for months and years, until the day they are ready “to fly” on their own.

Trained in a hospital environment in the full scope of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr Stavros understands the importance of “hands-on” experience under mentoring.

He offers mentoring based on his vast experience and unique knowledge drawn from 20 plus years of Implant Surgery (more than 7000 implants placed, thousands of bone grafts of all types and hundreds of full arches), having performed many thousands of major and minor surgeries.

Dr Stavros will support you to expand the scope of your Implant surgery practice, achieve your goals and realise your potential. Whether it is something basic as suturing, or something much more advanced such as a full arch implant surgery, Dr Stavros can assist you improve your techniques and results.

His approach to Mentoring and Coaching is tailor-made to individual needs.

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