A dental implant can restore your bite, smile and confidence by replicating the natural aesthetics and function of a missing tooth.

A dental implant is a relatively new aesthetic treatment that blends in seamlessly with natural teeth to act as a substitute for a missing tooth – functionally and aesthetically.

A dental implant acts as an artificial replacement for a tooth root, which is placed into the jaw to help anchor restorations.

It can be a life-changing procedure for those suffering with unsightly gaps where teeth should be.

How does a dental implant work?

A dental implant is usually made from biocompatible titanium, a material that fuses with existing bone in a process called osseointegration.

Once it is surgically placed into the jawbone, the dental implant acts as the foundation for a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing crown.

It enables bone to eventually grow onto the surface, making it more stable.

Who is a dental implant for?

Dental implants are particularly suited to people affected by periodontal disease or anyone who has had an injury to the mouth. They offer a permanent solution for the treatment of infected teeth and are a more aesthetically pleasing – and more comfortable – solution than dentures.

Why is a dental implant the best replacement for a missing tooth?

Dental implants are widely evidenced to be the best way of restoring missing teeth and have a 95% success rate.

One of the major advantages of providing dental implants is that there is no need for unnecessary tooth destruction of the adjacent teeth to provide bridgework.

And, as it is a stand-alone structure, a dental implant is relatively easy to clean and maintain.

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